Double Glazing Repairs & Window Refurbishment

double glazing repairs in Essex

Are your looking for double glazing repairs and don’t know who to turn to?

Oakland Home Improvements specialise in double glazing repairs and window refurbishment! What’s more, we are fully accredited and certified to do double glazing repairs and installation all over Chelmsford and Essex.

What Double Glazing Repairs Do We Undertake?

We offer a comprehensive repairs service. As a result, we are sure to cover any double glazing repair needs you might have.

Do you have a double glazed door which won’t close correctly? Do you have windows that are obscured due to misting? Perhaps you have fittings with faulty locks that need to be changed. Whatever your double glazing repair needs, we are confident we have a solution.

Should You Replace or Repair Your Double Glazing?

How do you decide whether you should replace or repair your damaged or problematic double glazing? The simple answer is – only a technical assessment by a qualified surveyor will be able to tell you for certain. Once they have assessed the damage, our technical team will let you know you what to do.

At Oaklands Double Glazing, we treat our customers like family. This is why we will never give you advice that is not in your best interest. Our surveyor will not tell you to get a replacement if he finds that the damage can be repaired.

In some cases, you may not be able to fix the issue without compromising the integrity of the double glazing in some respect. As a result, it might be in your best interest to get a replacement.

However, we will let you know if the damage can be repaired. This will save you considerable time in replacement installation. In fact, sometimes a repair can be more cost effective than a replacement.

Whatever the best solution for you, our trained staff will assess the situation and give you their expert advice.

How Can We Help You with Your Double Glazing Repairs?

Our technicians are highly trained and will easily get your double glazing repairs done. Therefore, no matter the product or manufacturer, we can often carry out repairs on the spot.

Our professional double glazing repair service covers the following:

Misted Sealed Units

Misting is caused by improperly installed double glazing that was not sealed properly. If the problem is too widespread, we would recommend replacing your double glazing. However, if the problem is limited to only a few units, you should get it repaired.

In order to do so, we will have to remove the offending glazing and reinstall it. Our installers are fully certified, so you will get a superior installation. In fact, we are quite certain that our double glazing repairs will last you longer than your original installation. It will even perform better!

Broken Door & Window Locks

Broken locks are more than just an inconvenience. They can actually affect the security of your home. This is why replacing broken locks can be a matter of great urgency. We at Oakland Home Improvements understand this. As a result, we quickly and efficiently replace the damaged locks so that your family can feel secure in your home.

Broken Window Handles & Letterboxes

We offer a variety of door and window handles as well as additional fittings that you might need. These include letterboxes, pet flaps, and door knockers. Our installers will get you the right product and fix your fittings for you.

Double Glazing Repairs - Broken Fittings

Broken Window & Door Hinges

Our quality assurance extends to all hardware we provide. As a result, we’ll gladly remove and replace any broken hinges. Moreover, the replacements we provide will give you extra security. What’s more, they last you for years without diminishing performance.

Draughts and Leaks

As experts in double glazing repairs, our technicians can fix any draughts or leaks quite easily. They will even help you identify where the problem is, if you aren’t sure. We have certifications from Certass, Checkatrade, and Buywithconfidence. You can be sure we will give you the best service.

Broken Glass

Being double glazing experts, replacing broken glass is a simple job for us. We will repair your broken door or window. Additionally, we shall do it in a manner that does not disrupt your home life. We follow every safety regulation and precaution. As a result, your children and pets will not get a chance to get into mischief with tools or parts.

Double Glazing Repairs - Replacing Broken Glass

That’s not all. We are happy to discuss any other repair with you, should you need them. With Oakland Home Improvement, double glazing repairs have never been easier!

Double Glazing Repairs Essex

We offer our reliable and cost effective double glazing repairs service to both domestic and commercial customers. We offer our services in Essex and Basildon, Ongar, Chelmsford, Harlow, Epping, Brentwood, Billericay, and Braintree. Simply contact us by filling up a simple contact form. Alternatively, give us a call!