What is Secondary Glazing?

What is secondary glazing, and how can it enhance your home? The best way to think of secondary glazing is that it’s like a new window for your old one. If you have old, more traditional windows with single-glazed glass or timber frames, then those designs might be beginning to show their age. However, replacing them with new windows can sometimes be costly, and you might lose some of your home’s classic charm.

This is where secondary glazing comes in. Unlike a new window, which features double glazing, secondary glazing goes over the top of your current design. The glass in your old window combines with the new glazing to effectively form a double glazing unit, improving the insulation and performance of your home. And, because secondary glazing is made-to-measure, you won’t lose any of the look of your current property.

As a result, secondary glazing is ideal if you want to save money or live in a traditional home. And, if you want to get secondary glazing at a great price in Essex and the surrounding areas, Oakland Home Improvements can help. We’ve crafted a range of secondary glazing options that can suit any window style, and all of our designs are bespoke. Get in touch today to find out more or start your free online quote!

Secondary Glazing Windows

Secondary Glazing Retains Your Home’s Charm

The main benefit of secondary glazing is that it can preserve your old window. In your home, you may have windows with timber frames which can struggle in bad weather conditions. However, secondary glazing is fully weatherproof, meaning that the new unit won’t allow wind and rain to pass through. As a result, your old windows won’t be exposed to bad conditions, protecting them from rust and wear.

Secondary glazing is also made-to-measure for your old windows. Because of this, there’ll be no obvious gaps in the design, meaning that draughts and damp spots are less likely to develop. The new glass unit also combines with your old one to create double glazing with a bigger gap between the panes than new windows. As a result, secondary glazing could make your old windows perform even better than new ones.

High-Performance Secondary Glazing

Our secondary glazing units can make your home a better place to live. For example, installing one of these units can make your home a lot quieter. It’s because secondary glazing adds to the barriers that sound waves have to pass through when travelling into your home. As a result, the impact of loud noises from outside is significantly reduced, with up to 80% of external noise pollution being eliminated.

Not only that, secondary glazing can act as a durable thermal barrier. When you install it, you’ll create a double or even triple glazed window that is able to capture more of your home’s natural heat while insulating it against cold air. You’ll also be able to keep the charming design of your existing profiles without having to deal with any of the drawbacks. Your home will be comfortable all year round and you can save money on your energy bills!

secondary glazing

Cost-Effective Secondary Glazing

Finally, secondary glazing is a cost-effective installation. By choosing secondary glazing over a new window, you can save money on enhancing your home. Not only that, you’ll be able to solve the issues your old windows are causing in less time and with less hassle. You’ll be able to fit secondary glazing even more quickly than a brand-new window, as you won’t have to switch out your old one to do it.

You’ll also be able to keep what’s great about classic windows. Their aesthetics, charm and handcrafted quality will make sure your home keeps what you and your guests love about it. Secondary glazing simply helps to preserve this classic charm, and it can make your old windows last for years and even decades longer than they would have otherwise. In that sense, secondary glazing isn’t just cost-effective: it’s priceless.

Secondary Glazing from Oakland Home Improvements

If you’re looking to install secondary glazing for your home in Essex and the surrounding areas, talk to Oakland Home Improvements. As a trusted local installer, our team can help you preserve and enhance your home for less. We’ll also be able to work to faster lead times and offer more competitive prices than the big national brands. Not only that, our friendly team will install your new secondary glazing quickly, and with the utmost care.

We have decades of experience in fitting secondary glazing for homes throughout Essex. And, with plenty of styles to choose from, we’re sure to have something for your home. You’ll be able to choose bespoke secondary glazing for your property every time with us, too, meaning you could preserve your window’s look or opt for an exciting new contrast. No matter your ideas, Oakland can help make them a reality.

secondary glazing prices

Secondary Glazing Prices

To get secondary glazing prices, use our online quoting engine to design your bespoke installation and get a unique price estimate.

You can also find out more by contacting our team via our online form or by calling Oakland Home Improvements today on 01277 365 988.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Secondary glazing is an effective solution for homeowners who want to improve the performance of windows and doors in their homes.
It’s the ideal answer for traditional homes that need an upgrade due to old, worn-out windows and doors that let in draughts and allow heat to escape.
The process is surprisingly straightforward. Our specialist fitters internally install a second window in front of the existing one. Essentially, secondary glazing creates a double window effect that doesn’t interfere with the property’s traditional windows.

Secondary Glazing, Essex

Perfect Solution For Traditional Homes

This technique is highly effective for owners of period homes under strict building regulations that prevent new features that change the appearance of the property’s exterior.
Secondary glazing is the perfect solution to improve a traditional home’s energy efficiency and retain the original charm of the façade. Oakland installers have a wealth of experience working in period properties with demanding restrictions. Our teams are highly skilled at beautifully integrating secondary glazing using hinges and rollers to protect the interior and exterior of the listed building. This careful technique takes great skill and concentration, and Oakland prides itself on ensuring our secondary glazing complements the existing window with subtle aesthetics and incredible performance.

Boost Performance

Traditional and listed buildings with old windows are infamous for poor energy efficiency. Outdated hardware doesn’t do a great job of preventing draughts and retaining heat. Single pane windows are one of the worst offenders for allowing heat to escape, even when fully shut. They lack modern sealing technology that is vital to keeping you warm inside. All this energy loss means you have to crank up the heating and keep it on for longer, costing you more money.

Secondary glazing provides innovative installation that is effective at transforming period homes into properties with modern-day performance capabilities.
Aside from improving an older home’s energy efficiency and reducing heating costs, secondary glazing makes the property quieter. The additional glazing unit provides an effective noise barrier that significantly reduces the number of sound waves entering through the window. You gain a more peaceful living space, greater comfort and a room where the outside world’s noise doesn’t disturb you.
Enhanced Security

Secondary glazing offers your precious home greater protection, not only from the elements but also from potential intruders. By adding Oakland’s high-quality secondary glazing, you gain an extra barrier that protects your property. Our advanced glass panes are expertly fitted to be robust and durable; they fully integrate into your existing build. This makes our secondary glazing incredibly hard to force open, transforming and upgrading your old windows with enhanced security.

Secondary Glazing Essex

Brilliant Value

Secondary glazing is a highly cost-effective solution for traditional homes. Instead of completely replacing your old windows, which is an expensive process, secondary glazing is efficiently fitted within your existing property. Due to the nature of the installation, it’s a much faster solution to improving your windows’ performance. Also, it’s a more affordable alternative to new windows with double glazing.

Secondary glazing allows you to target which of your old windows require improvement. Moreover, the process gives you a seamless transition to advanced window technology that maintains the charm of your old windows. Essentially, it’s an ingenious way of enhancing your home’s energy efficiency and noise regulation at an affordable price that doesn’t ruin the classic aesthetic of your home.
At Oakland, we pride ourselves on providing market-leading secondary glazing at competitive prices that ensure your home benefits from our advanced window technology. Your period home will immediately perform better at keeping in heat and reducing noise, and you’ll suffer no hassle from building regulations or expensive costs. Secondary glazing is the ideal windows solution to make your beautiful home more comfortable and cost-effective.

Perfect Installation By Oakland

Here at Oakland, we appreciate how much your home means to you. That’s why our team of expert fitters take the utmost care in how they install your secondary glazing. We treat our customers in Essex and the surrounding area with complete respect and know your needs are our priority. As a local business, our principles are about delivering for customers and building trust in the community. We’ve built an excellent reputation over the years based on our high-quality work and first-rate window improvements. We only install the best solutions that match your needs.
Our experienced teams have fast lead times and always pay close attention to detail. You won’t find another Essex installer who can beat our secondary glazing prices.
Our secondary glazing offers incredible energy-efficiency performance, exceptional noise reduction, seamless integration, and amazing affordability. Oakland secondary glazing is the complete package that ensures you’ll love your traditional home even more.

Secondary Glazing Prices

Oakland have made it easy for you to find out more and get personalised secondary glazing prices. Please use our online quoting engine to discover how our team can meet your exact needs and find a price that’s unique to you. Alternatively, you can call us on 01277 365 988, and we’ll be happy to help you identify the most effective secondary glazing solution for your Essex property.

uPVC Doors Ongar

uPVC Doors: High Quality Ongar Home Improvements

Are you looking for incredible new doors that will offer amazing style as well as unbeatable functionality for your Ongar home?

At Oakland Home Improvements, we are delighted to offer a beautiful range of uPVC doors, which we design with the very best security, thermal efficiency and durability while being an incredibly aesthetically pleasing addition to your Ongar property. Oakland Home Improvements has a uPVC door to suit any home where they are innately customisable, from the most traditional to the most contemporary style.

We have been in business for 30 years, and our experience speaks for itself. We commit ourselves towards our customers and giving them the best products, at competitive prices with rapid and efficient installations. We are a family run business and are fully certified. We have developed a glistening reputation in Ongar and surrounding areas for quality home improvements, which is substantiated by our huge number of satisfied and loyal customers. If you require uPVC doors, Oakland Home Improvements is the place to go.

We have written this handy guide to show you more information about our beautiful uPVC doors in Ongar and to tell you all about their benefits and features.

Thermally Efficient uPVC Doors Ongar

With increasingly high fuel prices in Ongar and increasing concerns over how our carbon emissions are affecting the environment, there has never been a more critical time to invest in a thermally efficient door.

Our uPVC doors make use of Eurocell’s innovative multi-chamber profile, which works as a thermal barrier to minimise your home’s heat loss and to prevent the ingress of cold air and draughts. Therefore your home stays warm and comfortable, no matter what the British winter throws your way.

In retrospect, our uPVC doors can save you money on the running costs of your Ongar home. uPVC doors keep your home warm, so you will not rely on your central heating as much or as often, even during the coldest winter days. Almost immediately you will notice savings to your energy bill.

In addition to this, the uPVC profiles used in our doors are extremely widely recyclable, which means the manufacture of our uPVC doors is highly sustainable. You will reduce your carbon emissions and become much more eco-friendly.

uPVC doors Ongar

Secure uPVC Doors Ongar

When purchasing a door for your Ongar home, the most important aspect to consider is security. Our uPVC doors are designed with the safety of your family and your home in mind. We use an internally reinforced Eurocell profile, which needs no additional steel reinforcements to perform extremely well under physical attack.

We then augment our doors by fitting them with top of the range locking mechanisms and shootbolt locks. Your home will be impenetrable.

At Oakland Home Improvements, we understand that your home is your sanctuary and as such we are dedicated to keeping it secure.

A Range of Styles and Colours

We offer a range of colours as well as decorative and practical hardware to make sure that our doors can be customised to suit any home in Ongar. Our uPVC doors can be tailor made to match your previous fittings, which makes them ideal for absolutely any property. We have a range of decorative options, and also have a selection door styles at our disposal.

Panel Doors

A high quality all-rounder, ideal for the front or back of your property. Highly thermally efficient and secure, this door will keep your home protected.

uPVC doors Ongar

French Doors

The flying mullion on these doors means that, when they are opened, you are presented with a wide and unobstructed view of your garden.


Patio Doors

Ideal for those with less space to work with. These doors do not take up much room when open. This makes them an ideal way to make your garden more accessible for smaller properties.
uPVC Doors Ongar

Bi-Folding Doors

An increasingly popular style in Ongar, these luxury uPVC doors allow you to replace a full wall with glass. It creates an incredible illumination and a seamless transition between home and garden.

uPVC Doors Ongar

uPVC Doors Ongar Prices

if you would like to find out more about our beautiful uPVC doors in Ongar, or any of our range of products, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful and professional team. The Oakland Home Improvements team are highly experienced and are committed to answering your questions, discussing our products in depth and providing any additional information you need.

On the other hand, if you would prefer a free and instant quote for our uPVC doors, please head over to our online quoting engine. We can provide you with a competitively priced quote within minutes and will tailor your quote to fit your specifications. When you use our online quoting engine, Oakland Home Improvements will not place you under any obligation to buy.

Double Glazing Ongar

Double Glazing Ongar

Are you in desperate need of new double glazing for your Ongar home? Would you prefer an honest and family run double glazing company to carry out your home improvements? Look no further than Oakland Home Improvements to find the perfect windows and doors for your Ongar home. Our double glazing is designed to offer you the very best in security, thermal efficiency and durability.

We are a highly skilled and professional team that provides outstanding product ranges and installation services. With 30 years of experience in the double glazing industry, Oakland Home Improvements has developed a reputation in Ongar for high quality goods at competitive prices.

Read on to find out more about our incredible range of double glazing in Ongar, and the features and benefits it will bring to your home.

Double Glazing Ongar

Thermally Efficient Double Glazing in Ongar

At Oakland Home Improvements we fabricate our double glazing using incredible Eurocell uPVC profiles, to provide amazing thermal performance for your Ongar home. A thermally efficient home carries with it several benefits.

An incredible 10% to 20% of a home’s heat loss comes due to thermally inefficient windows and doors. Our double glazing is designed to trap warm air between the two glass panes while preventing cold air from getting into your Ongar home.

Our double glazing is likely to save you a considerable amount of money long-term as while you are warm and comfortable with your new, energy efficient windows and doors, there is no need to rely as heavily on your home’s central heating system. Ultimately this means that you will begin to see significant savings on your energy bill almost immediately.

A thermally efficient home is also a more eco-friendly home too, as while you will not be using your heating as often, your home’s carbon emissions will also start to decrease. In addition to this, uPVC is a widely recyclable material, which means that our practices are highly environmentally sustainable. At Oakland Home Improvements, our double glazing is as great for the environment as well as your wallet.

Double Glazing For Optimal Security

When looking for perfect double glazing for your Ongar home, one of the key areas you must consider is security. We as a reputable home improvement company, consider it our responsibility to provide you with windows and doors that are capable of the highest standards of security.

We use naturally sturdy uPVC profiles from Eurocell to ensure that your frames are appropriately resilient against physical attacks. Then we implement further security measures to ensure that your double glazing offers comprehensive home protection.

We use internally beaded glass to make sure that a potential burglar will not be able to remove the glass from the outside. Seeing as this is a relatively common way for intruders to break into a home, our internal beading acts as a great deterrent.

We then fit our products with incredible hook-shaped locks, which we embed into the frames of our windows and doors. Locking systems are encased inside the uPVC making it incredibly difficult for a burglar to tamper with them as they are unreachable when the door or window is shut.

double glazing Ongar

Durable and Low Maintenance Double Glazing

We pride ourselves on offering double glazing that is innately low maintenance. To keep your frames looking and performing at their best, all we recommend is washing them down occasionally with warm soapy water. Your new uPVC windows and doors will be completely scratch proof and will never require painting.

Double Glazing Prices in Ongar

If you would like a free and instant quote for our double glazing, with no obligation to buy, please use our online quoting engine. Requesting your quote couldn’t be easier, and we will have it ready for you within minutes. Get your bespoke, competitively priced quote with Oakland today!

On the other hand, if you would like to get in touch with one of our friendly and helpful team, please use our online contact form. Our team will be on hand to answer your queries, discuss your home improvements and provide you with any information you may need about our range of products. At Oakland we are even able to talk you through the whole installation process and provide you with estimated times of completion.

Stylish Conservatories to Expand Your Ongar Home

Creating additional living space in your Ongar home is so easy with our stunning conservatories. These beautiful glass extensions will enhance the character of your home as well as provide a practical extra room.

We can even refurbish your current conservatory, bringing it up to date with the very latest performance levels and making it feel as good as new.

Here at Oaklands Home Improvements, we offer a wide range of conservatories to our Ongar customers, ensuring that every client can achieve the perfect home improvements to meet their every requirement.

Our guide is here to help you find the perfect option for your home improvements in Ongar.

conservatories Ongar

Conservatories in Ongar – Your Refurbishment Options

Conservatories of the past can be inefficient and weak, forcing you to replace them, however, with Oaklands Home Improvements, you can opt for a refurbishment.

Our conservatory refurbishment option enables you to keep the conservatory you love, but improve its specifications in performance and technology.

With our high performance insulated warm roof conversion system, your conservatory can become a practical space for you to use all year round.

There will be no more leaks or draughts, and your conservatory will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Our service includes a structural assessment too, making sure that your conservatory is safe and secure.

conservatories Ongar

Conservatories in Ongar – Your New Conservatory

Our conservatories are exceptional, offering homeowners in Ongar a range of options to ensure they can enjoy a functional, yet stylish living space.

We work with the very best materials and products to ensure your new conservatory can be used whatever the weather, and that it is secure against potential intruders.

Choosing a conservatory can be a challenge, as there are so many styles available, but here at Oaklands Home Improvements, we enable you to select the perfect match for your home.

All products are designed to make the most of the space you have and are tailored to your needs, so take a look at our summaries below to find inspiration for your Ongar home improvements.

Victorian Conservatories

Inspired by the Victorian era, these conservatories are one of the most popular options in Ongar. They have a lovely space created through a three or five faceted design. This provides you with clear views of your garden and creates a lovely space where you can relax and rejuvenate.

These conservatories will complement the architecture of almost any home, and they have an exquisite, detailed finish to ensure exceptional beauty.

conservatories Ongar

Edwardian Conservatories

Our Edwardian conservatories are the ideal choice for when you are looking for a room that is a true extension for your property. These make wonderful dining rooms, living areas, offices and playrooms, and for any function that requires maximum floor space.

They have a square or rectangular shape, which is enhanced by the minimalist and elegant finish. They are the perfect option for blending in with contemporary properties, or with classical homes, as they are unobtrusive and subtle.

conservatories Ongar

Gable Conservatories

If you want to create a stunning feature in your garden that truly makes a visual impact, then our gable conservatories make a brilliant choice. They have the structure of the Edwardian conservatory, making them a practical space, but instead of the traditional Edwardian minimalist roof, they have a spectacular gable roof, which reflects the end of a house.

This amazing design will create a simply stunning conservatory, that is flooded with natural light and feels spacious and airy. Our gable conservatories are the ideal solution for homes where space is no issue.

conservatories Ongar

Lean-To Conservatories

One very effective sort of conservatory we offer is the lean-to conservatory. These clever designs are perfect for properties with low eaves, or narrow spaces. You can create a utility room alongside your kitchen, or a dining area attached to your home.

With lean-to conservatories, the possibilities are endless. They are very versatile, able to make the most of almost any space and can be used for almost any function.

conservatories Ongar

Bespoke Conservatories

When you have a particularly awkward space, a large area to fill, or you simply want to combine elements of other conservatory designs, then our bespoke conservatories are the best choice. These are designed specifically for you, ensuring that your every requirement is accommodated to, so that you get the perfect match for your home and your needs.

Conservatories Ongar


It might just be that one of our standard conservatories would not be appropriate for you and your home. Fear not, because our orangeries attend to this, with their brickwork structure blending in with the main house. Whether your property is contemporary or period, there are plenty of designs to match this. They make perfect socialising space for you and your guests, and with its floor to ceiling windows, allow the light in to offer a fascinating space for any activity.

Conservatories Ongar

Conservatory Prices in Ongar

Conservatories in Ongar come in a range of prices, based on your specifications. Visit our online quoting engine to discover the costs for your home improvements.

You can also get in touch with our friendly team who can help you with the initial design and provide you with a tailored price.

uPVC Windows Ongar

Need Replacement Windows? Take a Look at our Stylish uPVC Windows in Ongar

uPVC Windows in Ongar can really transform your home, offering an incredible aesthetic as well as improved performance.

Old and tired double glazing can look dated and worn, detracting from the beauty of your property. It can also become brittle and weak, splitting easily and opening up your home to the elements. It also and offers easy access to potential intruders.

When you come to Oakland Home Improvements for new uPVC windows, you will benefit from the very latest advances in double glazing technology, making sure your home reaches its full potential.

Our stunning windows will give your Ongar property a fresh and appealing appearance, making the most of the architecture and enhancing its character.

Read on to find out more in our guide to uPVC windows in Ongar.

Super Secure uPVC Windows for Your Ongar Home

Any opening in your property needs to offer the very best security, and with our uPVC windows, there are a range of options to meet your requirements.

When you choose your uPVC windows, we will offer a range of locking options, so that you can opt for your perfect match. Our standard locks are superb, offering comprehensive protection, however, we also offer a variety of upgrades to really make your windows excel.

With our windows in Ongar, you can be completely confident that your home and family are truly safe and secure.

Keeping Your Home Warm with New uPVC Windows

Current Building Regulations specify that your double glazing must achieve a minimum Windows Energy Rating to meet with energy efficiency standards.

New uPVC windows from Oakland Home Improvements surpass this expectation, providing your home with superior thermal performance.

They come with a multi-chambered profile which creates a thermal barrier, blocking out the cold. If you want to further the energy efficiency offered, then you can enhance your new uPVC windows with our optional thermal inserts.

Our windows will help to lower the living costs of your Ongar home as you will be using less heating, and so saving money on energy bills.

uPVC doors Ongar

Traditional Features with uPVC Windows

Oakland Home Improvements understand how important it is that traditional aesthetics are enhanced with authentic design, so when you choose uPVC windows from us, we offer a number of options to create a heritage appearance.

Our windows can be tailored with a number of tasteful and classical colour finishes, giving you the opportunity to blend your double glazing in with your property.

In addition to this, you can choose from our replica hardware options and accessories, ideal for creating a period look.

With uPVC windows, your Ongar home will look just as it should, as we even offer the option of Georgian bars to complete the most natural replica aesthetic.

 uPVC Windows Styles for Your Ongar Home

Our windows come in a variety of styles to make the most of your property’s architecture and complement its appearance. See our summaries below for inspiration when it comes to choosing your home improvements.

uPVC Casement Windows

These beautiful windows have stunning slim profiles, which can be minimalist and simple for a modern look, or decorative with Georgian bars and traditional styling for heritage homes. This classical design has been around for hundreds of years, yet, it still looks as fresh today as it ever has, and is versatile, complementing any property type.

uPVC doors Ongar

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

For true traditional charm, our uPVC sliding sash windows are the ideal replacement windows for your Ongar home. These simply stunning windows feature all the elements of this traditional 19th Century design, yet are brought into the 21st Century with the very latest technology, ensuring smooth, long term performance. Highly popular across Ongar, these uPVC windows will add so much character to your home.

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

Modern innovation has excelled itself with the design of our uPVC tilt and turn windows. These superb windows have a stylish, and streamlined appearance which creates a beautiful contemporary aesthetic. They are exceptionally functional too, enabling you to have easy access to the outer pane for maintenance as well as a safe exit in case of an emergency. Once locked in the tilt position, you will benefit from ventilation without any need to worry for your children and pets.


uPVC Windows Prices in Ongar

Our uPVC windows prices are completely tailored to you and your Ongar home, making sure that you can find the perfect combination of style, performance and options to meet your requirements and your budget.

Access a personalised quote with our efficient online windows designer or contact us for more information on our uPVC windows in Ongar.

Double Glazed Windows Essex

Unrivalled Double Glazed Windows in Essex

When you want to replace your double glazed windows in Essex, you need to have access to plenty of choice to ensure that your property achieves its full potential.

There are so many options available when you choose Oakland for your Essex home improvements, you are sure to find the ideal style and material to complement your home.

Our double glazed windows are exceptional, so we have written this handy guide to windows in Essex to help you discover the superb options available for your home improvements. Read on to find out more!

double glazed windows essex

Stunning Double Glazed Windows – The uPVC Option

uPVC windows are a fantastic choice for cost effective double glazing in Essex. They are superb for energy efficiency, and the windows that we offer at Oakland are in fact exceptional for thermal performance, as they come with excellent Windows Energy Ratings.

You can even opt for superior energy efficiency, by opting for our thermal inserts.

Whether you stay with the standard performance or opt for the enhancements, you can be sure that your home will be warm and cosy no matter how cold it is outside.

When it comes to security, our uPVC windows are fantastic, protecting your home against even the most determined potential intruders. They come with a range of innovative security features and high performance locking systems, which can even be upgraded if you wish.

One of the benefits of double glazed windows from this range, is the superb variety of colour finishes and woodgrain foils that you can choose from to enhance the style of your Essex home. These exceptional windows can be styled to suit your tastes and even come in a range of designs to complement your home:

uPVC Casement Windows

Simple and elegant, uPVC casement windows are ideal for any home in Essex, as they can be adapted to blend in with any aged property. Casement windows are versatile and functional, offering a lovely finish to your home improvements.

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Our stunning sliding sash windows are a brilliant option for when period features are a primary consideration for your double glazing. These wonderful double glazed windows have the looks of the 19th Century combined with the technology of the modern day.

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

For ultimate practicality combined with a clean and fresh design, our tilt and turn windows are a brilliant choice. Ideal for hard to access areas, these windows provide incredible safety and functionality that no other option can match.

tilt and turn windows essex

Aluminium Double Glazed Windows in Essex

Our aluminium windows are manufactured by the industry leading specialists Smarts. This ensures that when you opt for these incredible windows, you will benefit from the very best there is available in performance and style.

Our aluminium windows are unsurpassed when it comes to security, being constructed from high grade aluminium, they are almost impossible to break, and this is coupled with state of the art locks and security features to keep your home and family safe.

They have a superbly energy efficient construction that uses the latest innovations in double glazed window design to ensure that your home is kept warm no matter how bitter the winter gets.

In addition to all this, aluminium windows are the most fantastic choice for tailored options. You can choose from an extensive variety of colour finishes, that offers almost every colour imaginable for your new double glazed windows, ideal for reflecting your personality and enhancing the style of your Essex home.

aluminium windows chelmsford

Double Glazed Windows in Essex – Wooden Windows

For the most authentic traditional double glazed windows, our wooden windows are superb. Bespoke to you, each window is hand finished by local joiners to ensure it achieves the very highest standards.

Our quality timber windows are much sought after, as they are high performance, able to achieve impressive energy efficiency standards as well as being fantastically secure. As with all our double glazed windows, they are fitted with the high security locking systems to ensure complete home protection. The timber frames are superb for insulation, keeping your home warm.

With our timber double glazed windows, you will benefit from style that is completely tailored to you. Every detail is considered and designed to your specifications, making these premium windows the very best option to complement your property and your enhance its character.

uPVC windows Essex

Talk to Us About Your Double Glazed Windows in Essex

We are here to help you find the perfect double glazed windows for your Essex home improvements. Our experts are on hand to answer any questions that you may have and to give you advice and guidance on the best windows for your home.

Get in touch and see how Oakland can enhance your Essexproperty with replacement double glazed windows.

Double Glazed Doors Essex

Double Glazed Doors in Essex

Whether you are looking for a front door, back door or even sliding door, double glazed doors are a great way of upgrading your Essex home. They offer enhanced performance and incredible style, ensuring your home achieves its full potential.

With Oakland Double Glazing, you can expect quality installations that meet the highest standards. Our double glazed doors are exceptional and will truly offer you long term value for money, making them a great investment.

We offer such an impressive range of double glazed doors, we thought we would give you a brief overview of their features and benefits so that you can find inspiration for your Essex home improvements. Read on to find out more!

double glazed doors essex

Double Glazed Doors – Our Composite Doors

We’re going to start with our composite doors, as they are a great choice for front doors in Essex. With composite doors, you can achieve the style and beauty of timber, as these doors are authentic replicas, yet you will still benefit from all the innovation and technology of uPVC.

These double glazed doors are superb for insulation, keeping out the cold and at the same time, sound proofing your home. They will help you to keep your property warmer, ensuring heat loss is minimised, meaning that these doors are brilliant for creating a cozy, comfortable and relaxing home.

When it comes to security, our composite doors are a wonderful choice. Fitted with state of the art locking systems, these impressive doors are inherently strong too, thanks to the solid core covered with a robust and durable outer skin.

In fact, our composite doors are even Secured by Design accredited, so you can be sure they meet the highest security standards.

Composite doors come in a range of panel designs and can be enhanced with colour finishes, decorative glazing and hardware and security to create a truly personalised double glazed door for your Essex home.

uPVC Doors Essex

Double Glazed Doors in Essex – The uPVC Collection

One of the most popular double glazed doors materials is uPVC. Our uPVC doors from Eurocell are great all round performers and have a wide range of styles enabling you to replace any door in your Essex home.

uPVC doors are uniquely tailored to you. Our front doors and back doors come in a range of panel designs and the entire range can be tailored to your tastes with colour and woodgrain finishes, ideal for matching them up to our uPVC windows.

You can choose from a range of glazing options, as well as door furniture to complete the look of your double glazed doors.

We fit our uPVC doors with the very latest locking systems for superior security, and they are all precision engineered using the latest innovations in door design to maximise the home protection they offer.

Where our uPVC doors truly excel is in the thermal performance. They are fabricated with triple weather seals, blocking out cold spots and draughts and the very latest technology is used in the manufacture of the frames and the glazing ensuring it will work to keep your home warm.

For more information on the double glazed door styles we offer in uPVC, click on the links below:

  • Panel Doors
  • French Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Bi-Fold Doors

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Double Glazed Doors – Incredible Aluminium Design

No collection of double glazed doors is complete without a range of aluminium doors. Our range of stunning doors include residential doors, French doors, patio doors and bi-fold doors, ensuring that you can experience the beauty and performance aluminium offers anywhere in your Braintree home.

We work with Smart Architectural Aluminium so that we can install aluminium double glazed doors throughout Essex that are manufactured to the highest standards and feature the very latest innovations in double glazed doors technology.

This means that your doors are impressively energy efficient and completely weather proof, protecting your home from the elements.

In addition to this, they offer unparalleled security, particularly as aluminium is a naturally strong material that makes almost indestructible profiles. We fit our high security locks to these doors as standard too. You can be confident that your home and family will be completely protected with our aluminium doors.

Aluminium, being so strong, enables our double glazed doors to be crafted from super slim profiles, adding to their stylish aesthetics, but what makes them special, is the extensive range of colour finishes available. Whatever colour you can think of, we are sure to have a shade to match.

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Get In Touch with Our Team

Our overview of our double glazed doors in Essex has been brief, so if you would like to know more about these impressive doors, please do get in touch with our team. We will happily provide expert advice and guidance to help you find the right double glazed doors for your Essex home improvements.

uPVC Doors Essex

Enhance Your Essex Home with Stylish uPVC Doors

uPVC Doors make spectacular Essex home improvements as they offer incredible style and performance to enhance your property. No matter where in your home you need a uPVC door, you can achieve a stylish and beautiful entrance to enjoy year after year.

With uPVC doors, you get an extensive variety of options that are sure to meet your needs, and when you choose Oaklands Home Improvements, each one is crafted to the highest standards and installed with superb quality by our expert team.

Our uPVC doors offer the very best of everything when it comes to efficiency, weather protection and security, so your Essex home will be performing to the most impressive levels.

Read our guide to uPVC doors in Essex and find the perfect match for your home.

uPVC doors Essex

Energy Efficient uPVC Doors

Our uPVC doors offer fantastic energy efficiency for your Essex home. We work with Eurocell, the highly regarded double glazing manufacturer, to provide uPVC doors that achieve outstanding thermal performance.

When you opt for our uPVC doors, you will get the benefit of energy efficient glazing and completely draught and leak proof door designs, ensuring that your Essex home is protected from the cold and winter weather.

You will benefit from a warmer home that will require less heating to maintain a comfortable temperature, which will in turn save you money on your energy bills, which makes our uPVC doors a fantastically cost effective home improvement.

uPVC Doors Essex

Secure uPVC Doors for Outstanding Home Protection

Any entrance to your Essex home needs to be secure and to protect you against unwanted visitors. Our uPVC doors are a brilliant option as they are superbly strong and robust, making sure that even the most determined intruders can’t break through.

We also fit our uPVC doors with high security locking systems so that you can count on superior protection.

Our uPVC doors are specifically engineered to ensure that you and your family are safe and secure in your Essex home.

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uPVC Doors That Are Perfectly Styled

With our uPVC doors, you can create a completely unique look that will enhance your home’s character. Essex homes come in a variety of styles and types themselves, so we think it’s important that our customers have access to a variety of uPVC doors that will complement your property.

Our uPVC doors can be tailored with a range of tasteful colours and woodgrain foils, as well as distinctive decorative glazing to create an aesthetic that is as individual as you are.

Your new uPVC doors can be completed with our hardware options and accessories so that when your door is installed, it is exactly as you imagined it.

We’ve summarised our uPVC door styles below to give you inspiration for your Essex home improvements.

uPVC Panel Doors

Ideal for either front doors or back doors, our panel doors come in a variety of designs to suit your home and your tastes. Whether your property is modern or traditional, we have a style to match.

uPVC French Doors

Our elegant uPVC French doors will create a stunning entrance to your garden or balcony that you can enjoy all year round. Create a bright and airy room with this stunning and versatile doors.

uPVC Patio Doors

Our uPVC patio doors take the best bits of traditional sliding doors and combine them with the latest technology so that you get a state of the art patio door which offers superb beauty and sophistication.

uPVC Bi-Fold Doors

The latest development in double glazing, uPVC bi-fold doors are a superb choice for any Essex home, providing a spectacular feature entrance to your outside space.

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uPVC Door Prices Essex

Our uPVC doors are simply amazing and we know that they meet the highest quality standards, so you can expect the very best from Oaklands Home Improvements.

This includes our customer service too, as we are here to help you with your Essex home improvements. Why not get in touch ? Our friendly team will give you expert advice and guidance to help you find the perfect uPVC doors for your Essex home.

We also have an easy to use online door designer where you can create your dream uPVC doors from the ground up and get an instant quote to see how much they cost too.

uPVC Windows Essex


uPVC Windows – The Perfect Essex Home Improvements

uPVC windows make perfect Essex home improvements. They not only enhance the beauty of your property, but they are also fantastic for providing improved performance.

Are your uPVC windows tired and dated? Do you have inefficient timber windows? New uPVC windows could be the best option for upgrading your home, making it look better, more efficient and providing superb security.

Here at Oakland Home Improvements, we install stunning, high performance uPVC windows throughout Essex. Our installation team are superbly experienced, ensuring that your windows are fitted to the highest standards. In addition to this, our customer service is second to none, as ensuring our customers are happy is our priority.

Our blog is here to tell you about the features and benefits of new uPVC windows for your Essex home, so read on to see what we can offer you!

uPVC windows Essex

Cost-Effective uPVC windows

One of the major benefits of uPVC windows is that they provide your Surrey home with long term value for money. Our uPVC windows are incredibly energy efficient, which ensures your home stays warm on even the coldest of days.

With uPVC windows from Oakland Home Improvements, you will experience a warmer home and heating that lasts longer, which means you will need to use less heating to maintain a comfortable environment. Of course, this will result in your energy bills being lowered.

uPVC Windows Essex

Exceptional Security with Our uPVC Windows in Essex

Security is a vital consideration when choosing any home improvements in Essex. With our uPVC windows, you can be confident that your home is fully protected.

Our uPVC windows are internally beaded which means that the glazing cannot be removed from the outside. This makes entry for potential intruders almost impossible, keeping you and your family safe.

In addition to this, our uPVC windows are fitted with specifically designed locks, such as our hook locks, which creates a window that is impressively secure. These locks work to stop the windows being opened from the outside so you get great home protection.

With uPVC windows from Oakland Home Improvements, your Essex property and family will be fully protected.

uPVC windows Essex

Highly Durable uPVC Windows

Our uPVC windows are a highly durable option for your Essex home. They are crafted from the finest uPVC to ensure they offer long term service, and the mechanics of our windows are manufactured to be robust.

Your new uPVC windows will provide your home with many years of operation with only the most simple maintenance. All you will ever need to do is keep them clean to ensure they look and perform to their best ability.

uPVC Windows Essex

uPVC Window Styles for Your Essex Home

uPVC windows are available in a range of styles, and we offer a selection that has been chosen to perfectly complement Essex homes.

Our uPVC windows can be tailored to suit your property with a range of finishes as well as accessories, such as Georgian bars. You will be able to create the perfect design to enhance the beauty of your Essex property and make it truly your own.

Our range of uPVC windows includes:

uPVC Casement Windows

Ideal for any style of Essex home, uPVC casement windows are timeless and sophisticated.

They have a stylish yet minimalist aesthetic that makes them incredibly sought after and enables them to suit all types of property.

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Our stunning uPVC sliding sash windows are a beautiful option to enhance the character and charm of period homes, or even create a traditional appearance for modern properties.

They are an authentic choice based on 19th Century design, yet they offer all the benefits of modern technology and innovation for your Essex home.

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

For practicality and function, our uPVC tilt and turn windows are second to none.

They provide safe ventilation, easy access for maintenance and can even act as an emergency exit. All this comes with a lovely style that provides superb views and exceptional simplicity for your Essex home.

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Ready for New uPVC Windows in Essex?

Our uPVC windows are exceptional, and they come with Oakland Home Improvements’ personal and highly regarded customer service.

You can find out more about any of our uPVC windows in Essex from our friendly team. We are here to help you find the right match for your Essex home improvements, so please do get in touch.

If you are fairly certain of which uPVC windows will be right for you, we have an online window designer where you can pick and choose from the options available to create uPVC windows that perfectly meet your needs. Our system will then provide you with a unique price for your Essex uPVC windows.