Wooden Windows, Essex

Oakland Home Improvements specialise in supplying bespoke wooden windows throughout Essex and beyond. We are a full-service home improvement specialist, with wooden windows being a point of pride within our range. Each one of our aesthetically beautiful timber windows is hand finished by a local Essex joinery, who use wood from a sustainable source which ensures our carbon footprint remains minimal and you receive and eco-friendly product.

Our wooden windows are hand finished, combining modern and traditional building methods, ensuring your wooden windows maintain their energy efficiency and last for years to come. Our timber window manufacturer has over thirty five years of experience in creating the highest quality wooden windows throughout Essex. They also own an in-house saw mill, ensuring that all timber used to produce our wooden windows is freshly cut for the perfect fit.

Once your wooden windows have been made to the specifications you require, they are handed to the company’s spray shop for the finishing touches. At this point you can choose between a natural wood stained finished, or from any RAL colour. Our dedication to quality is one of the many reasons that we are able to work with giants of the home improvement industry such as Eurocell and Ultraframe to bring the best possible products to our Essex customers.

timber windows essex

Wooden Windows Features, Essex

Our wooden windows can be made to suit any timber design, and can also be stained or varnished to match any colour of your choice. Each of our timber products can be supplied in the raw state, primed, and finished either stained or sprayed to any colour you choose. That way, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you’re getting the exact product that you require for your individual home improvement project. Settle for the best with Oakland Home Improvements.

Modern timber windows benefit from advances in the fenestration industry, and much time and effort has been spent by giants within the home improvement industry to locate, analyse and remove certain weaknesses of the material. The resulting product from us has been lovingly developed to incorporate these changes, meaning that double glazing and timber construction now make the beauty of real wooden windows not only a viable option, but the better option.

We’re also proud to inform all of our customers that our wooden windows are crafted from timber gathered from the finest managed and sustainable forests. We take great care to ensure that the selected timber is well seasoned, straight and without fault, so that we can be absolutely sure that the product you have purchased is perfect for your home, as well as the environment. Here at Oakland Home Improvements, we believe that eco-friendliness is the way forward.

wooden windows essex

Benefits of Wooden Windows

There are multiple benefits to having modern timber windows installed in Essex homes. This includes thermal insulation, security and low maintenance – everything UPVC windows could provide, but with the added aesthetics of real wood. Timber windows of today benefit from recent advancements in the preparation of the wood that prevent any warping or twisting for many years. That way you can be confident that you’re getting the best product every time.

Our timber wooden windows in particular are hand-made to the highest of standards. With a selection of designs such as either inward or outward openings or tilt and turn timber windows, you are sure to find something to suit your home. Our full range of wooden windows offers a practical and beautiful solution to installing new double glazing in your property. Whether you live within a modern or traditional property, a timber window is always an ideal option.

We also recommend for example that if you have a new build property and wish to have wooden windows installed, trickle vents are a must for required ventilation. The sheer level of customisation we have on offer with our products properly showcases our dedication to providing quality customer service to every customer we deal with. If you want the best wooden windows in the business, then get on contact with our specialist team today and find out what we can do for you.

Wooden Windows Prices, Essex

If you think that you’d like to properly complete your home with wooden windows from Oakland Home Improvements then get in contact with our specialist team today or call 01277 365 988 . We’d be happy to answer any of your questions about our products in a pleasant and timely manner.

Alternatively, we welcome you to use our brand new handy quotation tool. This online tool is the simplest and fastest way to get a quote that is specific to your particular needs and requirements. Don’t settle for less. Choose Oakland Home Improvements for your wooden windows.