French Doors Essex

French doors Chelmsford Essex

Choose a French door for your home in Essex as an excellent way of seamlessly connecting your interior and exterior spaces. A very popular choice for creating a light and airy space, French doors from Oakland home improvements provide a beautiful access point via the medium of two beautifully spacious doors when when fully opened up to the garden.

We guarantee that our French doors will perfectly capture the traditional feeling you’re after for your Essex home, with a glamorous design that combines the aesthetics of the classic with the durability of the contemporary. Offering the latest in modern design, our French doors will provide you with quality efficiency for years to come, and by purchasing from our experienced team you will benefit from the most up-to-date UPVC double glazing on the market. Make the most of your interior space with an outward opening mechanism that figuratively and literally opens up your Essex home to the world outside in a way that no other entryway can.

Eurocell’s Quality French Doors

As one of the UK’s leading UPVC specialist installers and suppliers, we’re proud to have grown our company to the point that our reputation for delivering quality products precedes us. This reputation has allowed us to partner with other household recognisable companies such as Eurocell to bring you the best quality products available not just in Chelmsford, but all of the UK. Furthermore, we’re excited to offer you great value for money by providing a ten year profile guarantee with every purchase you make from us.

uPVC French doors Chelmsford Essex

Design Specifications

Our French doors each contain glass panes that are particularly effective at lighting up the corresponding room, designed specifically to maximise the amount of natural light that makes it into your home, making it appear larger and brighter. Furthermore, the sheer variety of styles we have on offer for our UPVC French doors showcases their incredible versatility when it comes to finding a French door that suits the interior or exterior of your home.


Our French doors are available in a range of sizes up to 2 metres wide. We understand that when you’re out to purchase a French door, you’re looking for something that combines efficiency with elegance. On that note, we believe that size plays an integral role in this feeling, and believe that our range of sizes will allow you to find the perfectly sized French door for your garden or patio area.


Style & Design Choices French door prices Chelmsford Essex

Create continuous style throughout your Essex home with one of our gorgeous French doors. our specialised installation teams will match the sight lines of your existing windows so that you can match the individual character and appeal of your existing property.

We also have a selection of design features for you to choose from, from traditional sculptured Ovolo to modern straight-lined Chamfered frame styles. Similarly we have a wide choice of colours available from a classic White to a sophisticated Cream. For a more bespoke appearance you can choose Rosewood or Golden Oak. Whatever feeling you’re trying to emulate with your new French door, we’ll be able and happy to accommodate it. 

Opening Options & Maximum Convenience

French doors Chelmsford Essex

Golden Oak

All of our French doors are designed specifically to allow for internal or external opening options, allowing you to properly maximise the space available in a manner that suits your specific requirements. Furthermore, our installation teams are more than capable of considering low threshold options, which can be installed to your new French doors in order to provide seamless transition for prams and wheelchair users.

Furthermore, we want you to continue to appreciate and enjoy your new French doors long after the initial installation. Therefore, we make sure that each of our products is exceptionally low maintenance, fitted with convenient and easy to clean internal rebates. We guarantee that your French doors will look great all year round without the need for continuous up-keep.

uPVC French door prices Chelmsford EssexAffordable and Energy Efficient

Not only an affordable home improvement at the point of initial purchase thanks to our incredible prices, UPVC French doors are also very cost effective in helping you to save money on your heating bills. High-tech triple weather seals are in place to lock out draughts and cold spots. Energy efficiency is important for keeping your home warmer throughout the colder months.

Durability & Craftsmanship

With excellent craftsmanship and expertise, we are proud of our unrivalled product range. Proven to be capable of withstanding the tests of time during our manufacturing and testing process, UPVC is a very durable material and will not rot, warp or pick up rust like its counterparts wood and aluminium. Your French door will maintain not it’s style and charm, but also it’s physical durability and quality.

Noise Insulation

Minimising external noises, our UPVC French doors are extremely adept at filtering our unwanted noise pollution from either in or outside of your home. if you live in an area where you worry that this will be a problem then fear not; our products are specifically designed with the latest in noise insulation manufacturing techniques, perfect if you happen to live on a main road.

French Doors Prices

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