Would Your Braintree Property Benefit From Double Glazing?

Welcome to Oakland Home Improvements. Braintree’s local family ran double glazing company. We have over thirty years of experience in fitting the highest quality double glazing in Braintree and the surrounding areas. Throughout the years, the quality of our work has given us a respectable reputation as expert double glazing installers in, Essex. Why? Because Oakland Home Improvements fit double glazing to the very highest standard to both Residential and Commercial properties.


energy efficient double glazing
Unlike a lot of other double glazing engineers, Oakland offer a full service. When needed, we give expert advice and a technical survey before installation. In short, Oakland offer double glazing in uPVC, Aluminium and Timber Windows. We also fit our double glazing to made to measure, bespoke conservatories.
Questions are. What are the benefits of double glazing? Can double glazing save you money? How does Double Glazing work?

Double Glazing; Benefits and Cash

Let’s tackle the first two questions now, as one. One of the major benefits of investing in double glazing is the money you will save on your energy bills. According to an in depth case study carried out by Energy Saving Trust, every type of property benefits from Double Glazing.
For this article, let’s take A rated Energy Efficient Windows. Again, going by the data available on the Energy Saving Trust’s website. Data taken from properties where all windows have been upgraded to double glazing.

Detached Property: £120 – £160
Semi Detached: £85 – £110
Mid Terrace: £65 – £90
Bungalow: £55 – £75
Flat: £40 – £60

These savings are based on typical gas-heated homes, taken from Energy Saving Trust.org 

It goes without saying that all Windows, Double Glazing and single pane, will not retain 100% of their energy. However, these figures perfectly illustrate just how much money energy efficient double glazing can save you. As it stands, highest level of savings is £160, the price of your car insurance? And the lowest, £40, the price of a meal for two? But we can take this further, considering that we back the Eurocell ten year guarantee.

Now the picture starts to change. Highest level of savings is £1,600, the price of a very respectable all inclusive holiday. The lowest savings is still a massive £400, the cost of a brand new television.

double glazing energy efficient

Further Benefits Of Double Glazing

Double glazing decreases the size of your carbon footprint, something we should all be pushing to do. For example, our uPVC double glazing is 100% recyclable. So, in many, many years time when your uPVC double glazing is removed and replaced. You can rest assure that the materials used to create your uPVC window can and will be melted down and be used again.

Fed up with the loud noise of the outside world? Double glazing insulates your house acoustically. Minimising unwanted noise that pollutes your home, keeping the disrupting noises of car horns and general clatter outside. Oakland Home Improvements only install the highest quality Double Glazing.

Now the big one, how does Double Glazing work?

thermally efficient double glazing

How Does Double Glazing Work?

In essence, the technology behind double glazing is fairly simplistic. Essentially, the two panes of glass trap a wall of air between them. The gap is too narrow for the air to circulate, so instead it forms a thermal barrier. The thermal barrier stops cold air from entering your home. It also heavily reduces warm air from leaving your property, hence the term thermal barrier.

Online Quote For Double Glazing

Is 2016 the year that invest in energy efficient double glazing? Oakland Home Improvements offer a free and easy to use online quote engine. Discover, with ease, how little it would cost you to upgrade to energy efficient double glazing that saves you money.

Or, if you’d prefer, why not call us directly? Our in house team of friendly professionals are more than happy to discuss the benefits of double glazing with you and, if you’d like, give you a quote over the phone.