uPVC Windows Braintree

Quality uPVC Windows in Braintree

You can quickly and efficiently refresh the look of your Braintree home, giving it a complete makeover, simply with new uPVC windows. Replacement double glazing for your property in Braintree needn’t be a major disruption, and could add value and enhance the beautiful appearance of your home.

Choosing new uPVC windows can be a challenge, with so many options available. Finding the right combination of looks and performance is vital. Here at Oaklands Home Improvements, we are able to help you.

We have written this handy guide to the benefits and features of uPVC windows, so that you can choose the perfect replacement double glazing for your Braintree home with confidence.

Read on to find out more about our fantastic uPVC windows.

uPVC Windows Essex

Create a Warmer Home

One of the major benefits of replacement double glazing is the improved thermal performance. Our uPVC windows are completely energy efficient, providing you with double glazing that will enhance your property.

Our double glazed windows are designed to minimise heat loss. They will block out cold air, meaning that you have no draughts, while trapping warm air within your property. This means that your home will stay warmer for longer, and as such, you will use less heating.

Not only is this great for your finances, as your energy bills will be lowered, but it is also brilliant for the environment, making your home a green property and improving your EPC ratings.

energy efficient double glazing essex

Protect Your Family

When you choose new uPVC windows from our range, you are opting for highly secure double glazing. Your family and Braintree home will be protected against intruders with our quality double glazed windows.

Every window in our range is fitted with state of the art, high security locking systems, which will work to minimise break ins. These impressive locks are manufactured to the highest standards using quality materials.

Our windows are also internally beaded, which makes them even more of a challenge to burglars, as the glass can’t be removed from the outside.

Your security is important to us, we want your Braintree home to be safe, which is why our uPVC windows come with these outstanding security features.

uPVC windows Braintree

Styled to Suit You

Our uPVC windows can be finished in a variety of colours and foils, enabling you to create the perfect look to blend in with your home and give you a tailored finish. You can choose from a selection of tasteful looks to create the exact match for your property.

Not only that, but each window we offer comes with a vast array of decorative glazing options. You can have windows that are obscured, stained, or leaded, depending on your personal tastes. Why not contact us for more information.

The Perfect Match for Your Home

Every homeowner in Braintree has their own personal tastes and style, so we offer a range of double glazed window styles giving you the opportunity to find your perfect match.

We have given a brief summary of each one here, however, if you would like more details, please visit our uPVC windows pages.

Casement Windows

One of the most popular window styles in Braintree, the uPVC casement window offers a stylish, streamlined look. They are ideal for contemporary homes and older properties alike, as their understated design suits most styles.

They are particularly suited to early 20th Century homes, where the casement window was the most sought after design.

casement windows braintree

Sash Windows

Designed to replicate the styles of the 19th Century, uPVC sash windows are perfect for period homes. This does not mean they can’t be installed into more modern properties, as they are also fantastic for adding character and country charm.

The Georgian design gives a traditional and complementary look to any Braintree home.

Sash windows braintree

Tilt and Turn Windows

For functionality combined with aesthetics, the uPVC tilt and turn window will answer all your needs. These double glazed windows are ideal for upper floors or high rise properties where safety and practicality are vital concerns.

They offer an easy to maintain double glazing solution that can be locked in place to provide safe ventilation.

uPVC windows Braintree

uPVC Window Prices Braintree

If you would like to know more about our uPVC windows in Braintree, then please contact us. We have a great team on hand who are ready to help you with all your double glazing queries. They are experts in the field, so will be able to guide you through your options, giving you informed advice.

You can also get a free uPVC windows quote in an instant! We offer online uPVC window prices in Braintree so that you can see how much our value for money double glazing is in Braintree.
Try it now for your tailored uPVC windows quote!

uPVC Doors Braintree

Stylish Residential Doors in Braintree

You can create a wonderful fresh appearance for your home in Braintree with stylish uPVC doors. Whether you are looking for a front door, back door or sliding door, there are countless designs available to suit your property.

Modern uPVC doors come with a wealth for benefits and features, making them a great choice for your home improvements in Braintree. You can enjoy better energy efficiency, higher levels of security and a more weatherproof double glazed door.

Replacement double glazing is a cost effective way of creating curb appeal for your Braintree property. It’s an efficient and practical solution for improving your home in so many ways.

Read on to find out more about the different uPVC doors that are available to you and the improvements that they could make to your Braintree home.

uPVC doors Braintree

Superb Energy Efficiency

There are so many benefits to replacement double glazing, but one which not only improves your home and lifestyle, but also helps the environment, is energy efficiency.

Our uPVC doors offer fantastic thermal performance, keeping your home warm no matter how cold it is outside. The intelligently engineered uPVC profile combined with quality double glazing, protects your home from draughts and cold air. It also minimises heat loss, keeping warmth within your Braintree property.

You will find that your home stays warmer for longer and that you use less heating. This in turn will help to lower your energy bills and improve your Braintree home’s EPC rating. Energy efficiency is great for the environment, as well as your finances, so it’s definitely worth investing in high quality uPVC doors.

Protect Your Property

Our range of uPVC doors are high security options for your Braintree home. You can be sure that your property and family are protected against break ins when you choose our replacement double glazing.
Every uPVC door we offer is incredibly robust, utilising internal strengthening technology. This is further enhanced by high security locking systems that are precision engineered and manufactured to the highest standards to offer superb protection.

Our exceptionally secure uPVC doors are designed to truly keep your home and loved ones safe. Security is important to us at Oaklands Home Improvements, so we only install double glazed doors that incorporate cutting edge security features.

uPVC doors Braintree

Designed Just For You

You may think that a bespoke uPVC door is an expensive option, but when you choose one of our double glazed doors, you get so many options, your doors will be tailored to suit you.

With a fantastic range of panel designs, you can opt for contemporary or traditional, fully glazed, part-glazed or full panel. You will find the perfect look for your Braintree home, and when you do, there are further choices to be made for more customisation.

We offer a range of uPVC profile colours and finishes so that you can have the right match for your home. Your glazing is also adaptable, with a huge variety of glazing options, including decorative, opaque, misted and more.

Your new uPVC door will be customised to be the perfect match for your tastes and your home.

uPVC doors Braintree

Styles for Any Area of Your Home

Our uPVC doors are not just limited to front doors for your Braintree home. We offer a range of styles for you to choose from so that you can get the exact door you want in any area of your property.

We have given you a brief summary here of each style we offer, however, if you want more information, please take a look at our uPVC doors pages.

uPVC Front Doors

Your front door, your back door or your internal doors can be replaced with a uPVC panel door. The range of designs is extensive, enabling you to find the right fit for your home and the quality is unbeatable.

Composite Doors

We offer a range of incredibly strong, yet surprisingly lightweight, composite doors to our Braintree customers. These doors are Secured by Design accredited, giving you ultimate confidence in their security performance.

composite doors essex

French Doors

Our uPVC French doors are stylish and elegant, creating a beautiful entrance to your garden. We work with high calibre manufacturers Eurocell to ensure you receive the most outstanding quality when you choose our double glazed French doors.

Patio Doors

Create a stunning outlook with our uPVC patio doors. These exceptional double glazed doors will enable natural light to flood into your home, while giving you beautiful views and a high performance sliding door into your garden.

patio doors braintree

Bi-Folding Doors

Our uPVC bi-fold doors are exquisite. They are designed to provide a practical and versatile entrance into your garden that also serves as a feature window all year round. They offer smooth operation and a long lasting performance.

Talk to Us!

Start your quote today for competitive uPVC door prices in Braintree! Our online quoting engine is very easy to use, and will give you uPVC door quotes in no time.

If you would like more information on any of our uPVC doors in Braintree, then please contact us, either by phone or by completing our contact form. We have a great team on hand to answer your queries and help you choose the perfect double glazed doors for your Braintree home.

uPVC Bi-Fold Doors Chelmsford

Open up your Chelmsford home this Summer with our elegant and classic uPVC Bi-Fold doors. Our beautiful range of uPVC Bi-Fold doors succeed in blending security with appearance, creating some of the most stylish and safe uPVC Bi-Folding doors on the current market. Here at Oakland Home Improvements, we specialise in supplying and fitting beautiful uPVC Bi-Fold Doors – made to order to guarantee the perfect fit. For the most competitive prices on top of the range uPVC Bi-Fold doors, contact Oakland today.

uPVC bi-folding door Chelmsford

uPVC Bi-Fold Door Design Chelmsford

uPVC bi-fold doors are by far one of the most advanced double glazed doors on the current market. Designed to drastically lower your monthly energy consumption, whilst complementing the appealing aesthetics of your Chelmsford home.

No matter whether you live in a minimalist country home or a grand town home, our dedicated team of professional installation engineers will help you design your perfect uPVC bi-fold door. In regards to colour and opening options, our uPVC bi-fold doors are completely versatile. Choose a leaf option that works for your house, with a colour that magnifies the appearance.

Our aim is simple, provide properties in Chelmsford and the surrounding Essex areas with uPVC bi-fold doors that complement and strengthen the appearance of your home. In doing so, the overall value of your property will increase.

secure bi-folding doors

uPVC Bi-Folding Door Security

For all of us here at Oakland Home Improvements, your family’s safety and security is without question our primary focus and concern when delivering products. Throughout our three decades of trading, we have constantly tried to improve and redesign all of our home improvement products for your family’s total peace of mind.

Needless to say, our uPVC bi-fold doors are of no exception to this rule. In fact, our range of uPVC bi-folding doors are without question one of the most security focused available. We fit all of our uPVC bi-fold doors with the most reliable and tested stainless steel locks on the current market. Our locks have been tested to breaking point and beyond, eliminating weak points.

The design of our uPVC bi-fold door plays a huge part in the safety and security of your bi-fold door. Our professional home improvement engineers strategically place all locks and hinges within the frame, keeping them far away from the meddling and unwanted hands of burglars. Furthermore, designing the bi-fold door this way increases the overall life expectancy. Keeping all functioning parts of the door out the way of harmful and corrosive weather conditions.

uPVC bi-fold door chelmsford

Our Unique Bi-Fold Door Installation

When working on your home, we treat your property as if it were your own. Ensuring we cause minimal maintenance throughout the installation work and carrying out all building at a time which best suits you. Furthermore, your dedicated team will completely clean the site. Leaving it exactly the way we found it – minus a brand new set of uPVC bi-fold doors of course!


Home improvements Essex

Final Words from Oakland

Here at Oakland, we strive to offer you the best customer service and experience. We enjoy forming close business relationships with our customers, getting to know their preferences and taste in style. This way we can truly deliver home improvement products that are ideal for your Chelmsford property, every single time.

If you ever have any questions regarding your uPVC bi-fold doors, please do not hesitate to contact us or speak to one of our builders when they are working on your home. We’re more than happy to discuss any aspect of the work with you, or give you a full working demonstration of the uPVC bi-folding door.

We’ll leave you with a few helpful words of advice, and a summary of our uPVC bi-fold doors. We do our utmost to lower the cost of your uPVC bi-fold doors, ensuring you get the best possible deal. Maintaining the functionality of your bi-fold door couldn’t be easier. A quick wash every month or so to remove the inevitable build-up of grit and dirt is all that’s needed.

online bi-fold door prices

uPVC Bi-fold Door Prices Chelmsford

Interested in investing in uPVC bi-fold doors this summer? Interested in discovering just how competitive our online prices are? Generating your free online quote couldn’t be easier, simply visit the online quote section of our website and select the door you’re most interested in. Our sophisticated software will give you a totally unique quote, which you can check up on anytime.

Or, if you’d to find out more information about our uPVC bi-fold doors, why not use our online contact form? One of our friendly and experienced team members will contact you at a time which best suits.

uPVC Bi-Fold Doors Braintree

Our uPVC Bi-Fold doors make a stunning rendition to both modern and period properties in Braintree, Essex. Their contemporary stylish appearance is responsible for uPVC Bi-Fold doors growing in rapid popularity. Today, uPVC Bi-Fold doors are by far one of the most sought after home improvements – adding value to your Braintree house. If you make just one modification to your house this year, make it a uPVC Bi-Fold door.

Home improvements Essex

What better time to invest in uPVC bi-folding doors then the summer? Invite your garden into your home and enjoy gorgeous panoramic views of your little slice of Essex with our diverse and stunning uPVC bi-folding doors. It will come as no surprise that this month, we are taking a closer look at bi-fold doors and their fantastic energy saving abilities.

Oakland Home Improvements supply and fit uPVC bi-fold doors throughout Braintree and neighbouring Essex towns, to both domestic and commercial applications. We are a fully accredited and certified company, with over thirty years’ experience in the trade.

Why Have uPVC Bi-Fold Doors Become So Popular?

uPVC bi-fold doors are an exceptionally attractive, energy conscious and security focused product. What’s more, uPVC bi-fold doors are diverse and interchangeable. Available in a range of leaf options, so you can choose the perfect configuration for your Braintree home.

So, what’s the key to supplying and fitting uPVC doors to please everyone? Diversity! Here at Oakland Home Improvements, we supply and fit all of our uPVC bi-folding doors in an extensive range of colours. From lavish creams, Black Ash and Golden Oak to Rosewood or Irish Oak we’ve got you covered.

Throughout our thirty years in business, we’ve learnt a thing or two about what customers want. Relatively speaking, the home improvements is seemingly endless. With new, clever and attractive products being bought out weekly – customisation is essential. All homes are unique and everybody has different tastes. This is why our uPVC bi-fold doors are available in an extensive range of attractive colours. Choose a colour that complements the natural aesthetics of your property.

uPVC bi-folding door braintree

uPVC Bi-Fold Doors and Energy Efficiency

In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to save money on your heating bills. Not only is the general cost of living soaring, but our duty to protect the planet is more important than ever before. Have total peace of mind that our uPVC bi-fold doors are manufactured from the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly and fully recyclable materials. Helping you to lower your overall carbon footprint.

Furthermore, uPVC bi-folding doors are fitted with tough and reinforced glass to form the crucial double glazing. The unique design of these doors, and their slim profile, gift our uPVC bi-fold doors with unbelievable energy efficiency. Succeeding in lowering the cost of your expensive energy bills, and saving you money on your energy bills.

Double glazing is one of those funny things that everybody acknowledges as a sensible investment, but not everyone knows why. Like all great things, double glazing is relatively simplistic but needs to be carried out by professionals in order to achieve the best results.

bi-fold door energy

Parting Words from Oakland Home Improvements

We hope that you’ve found this blog useful, and you have a clear understanding of the options of uPVC bi-folding doors available to you. We go to great lengths to offer the most competitive prices for our uPVC bi-fold doors, available in a huge range of colours and opening options.

Throughout our extensive time in the industry, we have grown to become one of the most admirable and respected supplier and installer of uPVC bi-folding doors in Braintree, Essex. We feel blessed to have gained many loyal customers throughout our time trading.

After product security? Here at Oakland Home Improvements we offer a ten-year insurance backed guarantee with all of our uPVC bi-fold doors. What’s more, we are fully registered and certified by Certass – the industry’s most respected name in relation to quality control.

After a closer look at our uPVC bi-fold doors? Why not pop down to our large showroom? Our team of friendly and informative staff are more than happy to give you further details on our uPVC bi-folding doors, as well as a full working demonstration. We’ll be able to tell you about the options available to you, our installation process and even estimate a cost for you.

online quote bi-fold door

uPVC Bi-Fold Door Prices Braintree

As you would expect from Braintree’s leading home improvement specialist, we’ve simplified the process for generating a free quote. Just visit the online quote section of our website, choose the uPVC bi-fold door that you are most interested in and click go. You’ll receive your personalised quote soon after.

Or if you feel there’s anything we’ve missed, and would like to find out more about our uPVC bi-fold doors then feel free to contact us. Send us an email or give us a call on – 01277 365988.

Conservatories Essex

Here at Oakland Home Improvements, we offer an extensive range of bespoke conservatories throughout Essex. Our entire range of conservatories are tailor made to order, ensuring the perfect fit to your property. With the summer plonked firmly on our door steps, now really is the opportune moment to increase the value of your Essex property by gifting you with living space you can use all year round. This month, Oakland Home Improvements introduce you to our entire range of conservatories. Explaining why we are one of the best choices for Conservatories in Essex.

conservatory essex

Before we examine each of our conservatories with a thin tooth comb, a little about our company. We are proud to be one of Essex’s most established suppliers and installers of beautiful conservatories. We have over thirty years’ experience in providing Essex with attractive and practical home improvement solutions. Our dedicated team of expert in house installers have been subjected to rigorous training to ensure the perfect installation every single time. Throughout our thirty year’s trading experience, we have gained an impressive range of accreditations which prove the quality of our work and dedication of employees. Below you’ll find a brief description of some of just a few of our accreditations.

Checkatrade – Amongst the most recognisable and respected names in the home improvements industry, Checkatrade offer real life customer reviews; giving you an accurate representation from a customer’s point of view. If you’re considering choosing Oakland Home Improvements to carry out work, why not read up and what others have said? Or, if we’ve recently carried out work on your property feel free to leave a review.

CERTASS – Membership to CERTASS is far from automatic. CERTASS check financial and technical ability to ensure all of their members offer an honest, and quality service. Once we have completed work on your Essex property, you’ll receive a CERTASS certificate, proving the work meets their high standards of excellence.

Buy with Confidence (trading standard approved) – In response to the worrying number of rogue traders and cowboy builders, local authorities came together to produce a list of businesses and self-employed trades people dedicated to fair trading. Buy with Confidence is the largest scheme of its kind, Oakland are proud members.

On top of our wealth of accreditations, we offer a ten-year insurance backed guarantee with each of our conservatories. Have complete peace of mind when you invest in one of our conservatories. Furthermore, our entire range of conservatories are specially designed to offer increased thermally efficient living space, yourself and your family can enjoy all year round.

Why Choose a Conservatory?

There are many reasons why you might choose to invest in a conservatory for your Essex home. Nine times out of ten though, it boils down to a cost effective way of maximising the space of your property, which in turn increases the value of your home. Gone are the days of a conservatory being a ‘only use in summer’ room. Our modern, energy efficient and secure conservatories ensure yourself and your family can utilise the added space that a conservatory brings to your Essex home all year round. Relax in your tailor made conservatory this summer. This autumn. Next winter and next Spring.

conservatory essex

Energy Efficient Conservatories

Here at Oakland, we have hand selected a diverse range of conservatories to be used all 365 days a year. With this in mind, you have to view our range of conservatories as cost effective extensions for your Essex home. Use the added space as a larger dining room, a contemporary styled office or even somewhere for the kids to play when the weather turns British.

But won’t it get too cold in the winter to use our conservatory? Not a chance! Our conservatories are fitted with exceptional double glazed units, designed to utilise both your homes and the natural energy from the sun.

The double glazed units fitted to your conservatory in Essex work by trapping a layer of air between the two panes of glass. The gap separating the two panes of glass has to be carefully measured, too large and the air will circulate and the in built double glazing technology will be redundant. The trapped layer of air acts as a thermally efficient barrier, preventing unwanted cold air from entering your home and your expensive heating from leaving.

As a family run business, we know all too well that you can never put a price on the security of yourself and your loved ones. As home improvement experts, we have a duty to protect your family against would be burglars and potential home intruders. To do this, we ensure our conservatories are designed to be as security conscious as possible. As well as fitting the most robust stainless steel locks on the current market. So, how do we partner stainless steel locks and design to maximise the security of your Essex conservatory? Giving you and your family complete protection.

Essentially, we fit all robust locks and reinforced hinges into the actual conservatory frame. Behind a thick layer of reinforced glass. The glass acts as a protective cover for the locks and hinges, keeping them far away from meddling hands and corrosive weather conditions. Ensuring your conservatory retains its effortless functionality and security values.

energy efficient essex

Our Conservatory Installation

As part of our commitment to offering the best customer service experience, we do our best to cause minimal home intrusion when fitting your bespoke conservatory to your home in Essex. Furthermore, we’ll ensure that your home is left in a neat and tidy manner – just as we found it. If you think of any questions throughout your conservatory installation, please feel free to ask one of the builders on site. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our Range of Conservatories

Now for the fun part, choosing which style of conservatory works best for your property. Here at Oakland, we have worked hard to gather an extensive range of conservatories so ensure that we have something for everyone.

Victorian Conservatories

An eye catching design, based on a traditional Victorian design. This particular conservatory is available in either a three or five facet option, perfect for strengthening the appearance of your existing home. Maximise the natural light entering your home, suitable for small attached and detached properties.

victorian conservatory essex

Edwardian Conservatories

Our Edwardian conservatories are amongst our most popular design. The striking box design is based on a traditional Edwardian appearance. Ensuring maximum space inside and easy positioning of furniture. The high quality materials ensure your conservatory will last for years to come, with minimal maintenance on your behalf.

edwardian conservatory essex

Gable Conservatoires

Increase the natural light entering your homer with our Gable styled conservatory. The distinctive high roof design will amplify the aesthetics of larger buildings, adding an impressive structure to your Essex home. Maximise the security of your property with our Gable conservatory.

gable conservatory essex

Lean-To Conservatories

A contemporary conservatory design, favoured by those with limited space to work with. Our lean-to design can easily fit into tricky spaces. The perfect conservatory for bungalows and buildings with low roofs. Personally, we view our clever little Lean-To as our most attractive design.


Conservatory Refurbishment

Undecided whether the best option for you would be a conservatory restoration or a brand new build? Here at Oakland, we have the technology and ability to do both! Either transform your existing conservatory or invest in a brand new one! If you feel that refurbishing your existing conservatory is the best option, please see below about our upgraded roofing systems.

Our high performance insulated warm roof conversion system is amongst the finest conservatory roof on the market. Working to lower your bills and reduce the noise pollution entering your Essex home. A thermally efficient structure, with condensation risk assessed and a whopping ten-year insurance backed guarantee.


Final Words from Oakland Home Improvements

We hope you’ve found our first ever conservatory blog useful. Just to finish, we do our utmost to offer the most competitive prices for tailor made conservatories throughout Essex and the surrounding areas. Our experienced team of home improvement specialists work with you to give your Essex home a unique conservatory, designed to strengthen the appearance of your property. For the most competitive prices on made to measure conservatories, generate a free online quote. Or give one of our friendly team members a call on – 01277 365988.

conservatory price essex

Conservatory Prices Essex

If you feel that now is the perfect time for you to invest in one of our bespoke conservatories for your Essex home, why not obtain a quick online quote? Simply visit the quote section of our website, select the conservatory you are most interested and click go. You’ll receive your no-obligation quote instantly, and one of our polite team members will contact you at a time which best suits to discuss this with you.

Or, if you’d like further information on any of our conservatories, you can contact a member of our team for further details. Again we are more than happy to discuss our conservatories with you. For a more personal touch, why not give us a call on – 01277 365 988.

Composite Doors in Essex

Our Composite Doors gift your Essex home with an impressive entrance, boasting phenomenal security and security values. If you only choose one home improvement this Summer, invest in one of our made to measure composite doors. Here at Oakland Home Improvements we specialise in supplying and fitting unique composite doors throughout Essex. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in complete and utter devotion to customer satisfaction. In this month’s blog, we’ll look at why composite doors have become one of the most popular choice of front doors throughout Essex.

composite door essex

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Oakland Home Improvements; Essex’s most celebrated supplier and fitter of composite doors. We offer our quality services to both private residences and commercial services, promising the most competitive prices to both types of clients.

We are a family ran business, with over thirty years’ experience within the highly competitive home improvements industry. We often think about how we have managed to last for three decades, and have narrowed it down to a few of our company priorities.

Oakland Home Improvements and Composite Doors in Essex.

Firstly, we commit to giving all of our customers an unforgettable experience. Let’s say, hypothetically, you were to invest in one of our beautiful composite doors for your Essex home today; what could you expect?

Before any work goes ahead, we make sure that you are completely and utterly satisfied with the design and appearance of your new composite front door. If not, no worries, our composite doors are incredibly versatile and we will no doubt be able to adapt the appearance to complement the characteristics of your Essex home.

If you decide to invest, we would then agree upon an installation date. When fitting your new composite door, we strive to cause minimal home intrusion to yourself and your families. Furthermore, we only use our own in house team of highly skilled installation engineers – guaranteeing you the same build quality that has led us to become the leading supplier and fitter of composite doors in Essex.

So there you have it. We are the number one supplier and fitter of composite doors in Essex because:

–          Exceptional customer service

–          Most competitive prices

–          In house team of highly trained team of skilled installation engineers

Finally, we are a member of Trading Standards and CERTASS.

About Trading Standards

We are proud members of Trading Standards. The organisation is responsible for ensuring that both customers and businesses understand and adhere to their legal rights and responsibilities. By doing this, our communities can be full of law abiding companies, keeping rogue traders off the streets.  Buy with confidence from a member of Trading Standards.

certass approved


Even if you don’t choose us for your home improvements, you should always choose a CERTASS approved installer. CERTASS closely monitor all building work of their members, ensuring they meet the high standards set up by the organisation. Membership to this exclusive club is no automatic, and members can be kicked out if they fail to maintain their high level of work.

A couple of weeks after installing your composite door, you’ll receive a letter from CERTASS – verifying all of our work is CERTASS approved.

Composite Doors Security

As professional home improvement specialists, it is our duty to provide yourself and your family with maximum levels of security. We provide this security in a couple of ways. To start with, we only use the highest quality stainless steel multi point locking systems. Have total pace of mind that the locks fitted to your composite door are manufactured with the latest anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-snap technology.

We have designed your composite door to be as security conscience as possible. By this we mean, all of our locks and hinges are built into the frame. Our logic is, out of sight out of mind. If potential burglars cannot see the locks and hinges, how would they know which part to target?

All of our composite doors are Secured By Design accredited.

secured by design essex

Secured By Design

Secured By Design was established in 1989. Secured By Design is the title given to police projects focusing on design and security for new and refurbished homes. The objective of SBD is to design crime out homes throughout Essex and the remainder of the UK. This is done by making sure that the design is physically strong enough to withstand a reasonable to substantial effort to gain forced entry.

Our entire range of composite doors all carry the police approved Secured By Design stature.

Composite Doors Maintenance

Unlike traditional wooden doors, our composite doors require little to no maintenance to retain their unbeatable energy efficiency and security. Oakland recommend an occasional wash once in a while, just to help your door keep its effortless functionality by removing any grit and dust which has inevitably built up in throughout weather conditions.

Composite doors are built and designed to replicate the appearance of wooden doors. The main difference being that composite doors will not need anywhere near the amount of work that wooden ones will.

For example, if you choose a wooden door you’ll have to go through the hardship of reserving an entire weekend to twinge your back out whilst removing the heavy door from its frame. Then there’s the joy of treating the wood after a harsh winter, sanding it down and refitting it to the frame – most likely hurting your back again.

composite door essex

Composite Doors Energy Efficiency

Composite doors are amongst most energy efficient products on the current home improvements. Why? They are triple sealed to minimise the effects of damaging weather conditions like rain, sleet and ice. The doors themselves are exceptionally thick, durable and dense. Furthermore, all of our composite door frames are fitted with a high quality sealant around the perimeter of the door, minimising the amount of heat escaping from your Essex home.

Online Composite Doors Quote

Do you feel that composite doors may be the perfect choice for your Essex home? Obtaining your free, non-obligation quote couldn’t be easier. Simply visit the online quote section of our website and fill in the details of the composite door that grabs your attention. You’ll receive your unique quote within minutes.

Or, if you’d prefer, why not contact us via our online enquiry form? We’ll get back to you at a time which best suits you. We’ll give you more information on our range of composite doors, take you through the installation process and can even a generate a free quote over the phone.

Composite Doors Braintree, Essex

Achieving exceptional composite doors quality is something we take substantial pride in. Here at Oakland Home Improvements, we offer Braintree residents the chance to outfit their Essex properties with composite doors that will enhance the style, security and thermal efficiency of any Braintree home they are installed in.  

Our Composite Doors effortlessly combine modern innovation with an age old appearance. Featuring exceptional standards of inherent strength, durability and thermal efficiency, they are a beautiful and practical addition to any Braintree property.

Outstanding Composite Door Quality

Traditional Composite Doors Aesthetic

Composite doors are revered for capturing a beautiful timber look, and staying true to an aesthetic that has pleased the masses for generations. This allows Braintree homeowners to bring a classic touch to their home, without missing out on the benefits of modern composite door technology.

Accurate in their design, composite doors effectively achieve a beautiful wooden look. This high quality aesthetic can completely change the dynamic of any Essex home, and act as an eye catching focal point that makes a statement that will steal the eye of anyone moving through your Braintree neighbourhood.

Durable and Strong Composite Doors

All of our composite doors utilise the exceptional build quality from Phoenix Doors. This means they are produced using GRP door skins, which combines complete weatherproofing with a fantastic standard of resistance to knocks and scratches.

Composite doors are inherently low maintenance, needing only a wipe with a cloth to maintain a clean and attractive aesthetic.  This illustrates how composite doors achieve the timber look, whilst simultaneously bypassing any of timber’s setbacks. Composite doors will not twist, warp or split, and will maintain their integrity for the duration of their lifespan.

We protect our composite doors with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee, which covers swelling, de-lamination and colour loss. To further secure peace of mind, we also cover all of the stainless steel hardware installed in our composite doors with a 25 year guarantee.  Our composite doors will prove themselves to be a worthwhile and wonderful investment for your Braintree property.Composite door Essex

Secured by Design BraintreeHighly Secure Composite Doors

Our whole composite door range has complete approval from Secured by Design. This is an official police security initiative that revolves around a focus on crime prevention. Any product sporting the SBD kitemark has undergone intensive and comprehensive testing to ensure it achieves the highest standards of home security.

SBD approved composite doors are only achieved by exceptional security hardware. All of our composite doors contain the latest in ‘anti-bump’ and ‘anti-drill’ technology, which work in harmony with an ‘anti-snap’ cylinder guard and multi-point locking system. This ensures the ultimate level of security for your Braintree home.

A composite door from us also offers a Yale Keyfree locking upgrade. By using the KeyFree electronic lock, you can outfit your Essex home with the very latest in composite door security. This technology consists of a remote control keyfob, that allows you to unlock and lock your door from as far as 10-metres away. Alternatively, you can input your personal code (4-12 digits) into the lock’s built-in keypad to gain access to your Braintree property.

All Yale Keyfee locks have been designed and tested to Secured by Design standards, and feature a built-in 80 decibel alarm which sounds when anyone tries to attack the lock, and gain unauthorised access to your Essex property. This will not only scare them off, it will alert anyone nearby of what is going on.

Secure your Essex property today, and achieve peace of mind with our SBD approved composite doors.

Thermally Efficient Composite Doors

Thermally efficient composite doors are an ideal way to keep your Braintree property warm and your energy bills down. Upon request, all of our composite doors can be supplied with frames that reach an ‘A’ energy rating. We supply ‘B’ rated composite doors as standard.

Composite door energy ratings are used to specify how thermally efficient they will be for your Essex home. The higher the thermal efficiency, the better the heat retention will be in your Braintree property. This means that the warmth will stay in your home longer, and you’ll have to put your heating on less.

These exceptional standards of composite door thermal efficiency are achieved through innovative composite door technology. Our draught proof designs are able to offer six times the insulation of a traditional timber door. This design is then combined with triple sealing and uPVC thermal inserts to achieve outstanding levels of composite door thermal efficiency.

Our composite doors not will not only keep you warm, they’ll cut down your energy bills and cause a notable reduction in your carbon footprint. Beautiful and eco-friendly composite doors, what’s not to love?thermally efficient composite door Essex

 Adaptable Composite Doors Design

Our composite doors can be fitted from a choice of 12 styles, including The Suffolk Range, The Norfolk Range, The Essex Range, The Bedford Range, The Kent Range, The Surrey Range, The Sussex Range, The Gloucestershire Range, The Hertfordshire Range, The Hampshire Range, The Dorset Range, The Stable Door and The Twin Door.

Once you’ve chosen your composite door style, you can then decorate it from our stylish composite door colour range. This range includes ‘Black’, ‘Blue’, ‘Green’, ‘Red’, ‘White’, ‘Light Wood’, ‘Dark Wood’, ‘Duck Egg Blue’, ‘Chartwell Green’, ‘Slate Grey’, ‘Merry Berry’ and ‘Anthracite Grey’.

To finish off your ideal composite door aesthetic, you can then choose from our extensive range of glazing options. Also available for bespoke, you can completely customise your own specification with nothing more than photographs or drawings. This means that you can achieve the ultimate composite door look for your Braintree home.

With fantastic attention to detail, all of our doors can be completely tailored to your tastes and preferences. By combining the door style, colour and glazing option, your composite door will not only be a beautiful addition to your Braintree property, it will also contain many wonderfully personal touches for you to admire.

Composite Doors Prices

Interested in our composite door prices? Don’t delay in getting a free and easy online quote today. It’s very straightforward, transparent and efficient, and you’ll have an informative quote in no time. It’s the easiest way to benefit from our superb and highly competitive composite door prices!

Alternatively, if you feel you require more information, you can get in touch with us via our online enquiry form, or give us a call us on 01277365988. One of our friendly and helpful will always be ready to answer any questions you may have.

Composite Doors Brentwood

If you’re going to make any home improvements this year, it should be a composite door. A well fitted, professionally designed composite door will amplify the aesthetics of your Brentwood property along with reducing your expensive monthly energy bills. Our range of composite doors are completely customisable, giving you total control and ensuring the door matches the characteristics of your Brentwood home. If you’re looking for an energy saving, secure and attractive composite door – talk to Oakland today.

composite door brentwood

Before we discuss the ins and outs of composite doors, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Oakland Home Improvements, Brentwood’s number one choice for the highest quality composite doors available on the current market.

We are a family run business with over thirty years’ experience in the home improvements market. We have worked tremendously hard to become one of the most reliable composite door companies in Essex.

We work closely and are exceptionally proud of our close business relationship with Phoenix Door Panels LTD, who help to manufacture our composite doors.


Phoenix and Composite Doors

Phoenix Door Panels LTD were established back in 1993, and have since grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of composite doors throughout the UK. The Cambridgeshire based company operate from a fifty thousand square foot, purpose built factory on the outskirts of Somersham.

The companies flexible approach to designing the highest quality composite doors are the sole purpose we chose them as our primary supplier. We share the same philosophy when it comes to renovating homes – we know that every home is different and that every customer has different tastes.

Here at Oakland Home Improvements we offer a huge variety of composite doors in relation to decoration, style and glazing. We offer twelve unique door styles, available in thirteen attractive high quality colours. What’s more, our customers can choose from ten different glazing options. Ensuring that you can complete your Brentwood home with a tailor made composite door that matches your unique taste. A truly unique approach to designing composite doors.

As far as energy ratings are concerned, our composite doors are rated ‘B’ as standard. However, we can also supply you with ‘A’ rated composite doors upon request. Why not contact us (link) today for more information on our composite doors fantastic energy saving qualities.

Phoenix Doors logo

Composite Doors Security

As expert home improvement engineers, we recognise our responsibility in providing all of our customers with security focused composite doors. Have total peace of mind that our composite doors come with a whopping ten-year guarantee. What makes our composite doors one of the most trusted safe on the market?

The design and quality of our composite doors work in perfect harmony to increase the security of your Brentwood home. Firstly, we only use the highest quality sophisticated multi point stainless steel locks to ensure the safety and well-being of yourself and your loved ones. These robust locks have helped our doors gain Secured By Design status, recognised by the British Police.

The second reason why our composite doors are so reliable is the design of the doors themselves. All hinges and locks are built into the frame of the door, keeping them out of site and out of mind. Our theory is a simple one, if a potential burglar can’t see the locks or hinges – how do they know which part of your door to target?


Composite Doors Maintenance

The clever design of our composite doors also aids you. Our locks and hinges are built into the frame and door, preventing them from coming into contact from harmful and corrosive weather conditions. Furthering the life expectancy of the product.

Oakland home improvements recommend basic maintenance once every couple of months to ensure that your composite door retains its effortless functionality and pleasing looks. A hot soapy sponge to clean out any collected dirt is more than enough to keep your composite door in tip top condition for many years to come.

As we all know, composite doors are designed to replicate a traditional wooden timber door. The reason that our customers favour composites is that wooden doors famously cause more problems than they are worth. Wooden doors are prone to rotting, warping and discolouration. Because of this, timber doors need care and attention – which involves removing the heavy door from the hinges, putting your back out in the process and hiring an experienced carpenter to rework your door to fit into the frame.  A time consuming and expensive process.

Composite doors capture the elegance of wooden doors minus the hassle. Your composite door is guaranteed against warping, discolouration and cracking for an entire decade! Making them the favoured choice over wooden doors.


Free Online Composite Doors Quote

Do you feel that a composite door might be the perfect investment for your home in Brentwood, Essex? Why not take advantage of our free online quoting system, it’s every so easy to use and you can generate your tailor made quote in under two minutes. Simply spec out your required composite door online and click go.

Or, alternatively, why not contact us for more information about our composite doors. Fill in the question and one of team friendly and experienced team members will give you a call back at a time that best suits you.

Our aim is simple. To provide you with the most open and honest advice with no pressure sales or commitments to the quotes which we provide. For trustworthy advice that you can rely on, contact Oakland Home Improvements today.

Composite Doors Chelmsford

Are you considering investing in a Composite Door for your Chelmsford property? Here at Oakland Home Improvements, we suppy and install a huge variety of stylish, secure and energy efficient Composite Doors. Our range of Composite Doors are proven to lower your expensive monthly energy bills and drastically reduce unwanted draughts making their way into your Chelmsford Home.

Oakland Home Improvements Specialise in fitting hand finished, high quality composite doors throughout Chelmsford and the surrounding Essex areas. As professional  composite door installation engineers, we know that versatility is they key to remaining one of the trusted composite door companies in and around Essex.

To achieve this, we give complete creative control to the customer, you. Only you know which colour will best highlight the charisma of your Chelmsford property and the glass type which best matches the windows of your house. If you want a composite door that is truly designed to your specifications, speak to us.

We are a family run, local business with over thirty years experience in supplying and fitting the highest quality most adaptable composite doors on the market. Throughout our thirty years of business, we have worked extremely hard to build our strong reputation and assert ourselves as a trusted family name.

Composite Doors, Certass and Oakland

Throughout our thirty years of trade, we have built an outstanding local reputation in providing some of the most reliable composite doors on the market. For example, our entire range of composite doors come complete with a massive ten year insurance backed guarantee as standard. What’s more, we are proud to hold a strong business relationship with Certass; specialists in the installer certification for the building fabric refurbishment industry.

In a nutshell, Certass Limited are the UKAS accredited certification for the operation of a competent person scheme under the department of communities and local government. What’s more, Certass manage a product certification scheme called the Thermal Ratings Register. Ensuring the thermal compliance of windows and doors.

Certass assess every single one of their members each year, assuring they reach the standards of excellence required. What’s more, each Certass member must have an example of their work assessed. Ensuring quality and value throughout the Certass family.

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Composite Doors, Checkatrade and Oakland

Oakland Home Improvements are exceptionally proud of our impressive 9.8 rating on Checkatrade. Before leaving ourselves open for public review, we were subjected to an interview and thorough background check. After this it’s down to you, the consumer. To continuously monitor us and leave reviews for potential customers to read. This assures that we deliver high quality work, each and every time.

Have we completed work on your property recently? How did we do? Here at Oakland, we encourage all of our customers to leave honest reviews on our Checkatrade. You can help us maintain our fantastic, ever growing reputation as specialist Window, Door and Conservatory installers. You can view our Checkatrade account here.


oakland checkatrade overview

Our Composite Doors

What makes our composite doors the best in Essex? Their timeless appearance, strength, security and high energy saving design helps make our composite doors one of the best on the market.

Let’s start with the physical benefits of our composite doors. Our composite doors are guaranteed for a whole decade; against cracking, warping and mould. Once installed, you’ll never need to find time in your busy schedule to go through the unpleasant, back breaking and laborious task of removing the door from it’s hinges like you would a more traditional timber door.

As a matter of fact, once installed you’ll rarely need to touch your composite door at all…. unless of course, you’re using it. The quality and design of our composite doors work in perfect harmony, defending your Chelmsford property against the harshest, most corrosive and damaging weather conditions.

A door that will truly defend your home against the elements, requiring little work to retain its functionality. You’ll never need to paint your door, nor worry about the hinges or locks seizing and not performing as they should.

Composite Doors Design

Composite doors are designed to aesthetically replicate more traditional timber doors, minus the drawbacks. As our entire range of composite doors are made to order, you need not worry about a compromising fit. As our doors are manufactured to your unique measurements, we guarantee up to six times greater draught exclusion compared with traditional timber doors , ensuring your Chelmsford home retains its expensive heating through the cold months of winter.

Would you like to hazard a guess at what percentage of your monthly energy wastage is directly down to ill fitted, poor quality windows and doors? 5% maybe, 10% at a push? Alarmingly, research carried out by the National Insulation Association shows that windows and doors can be responsible for up a massive 20% of total energy wastage!



Our Range Of Composite Doors

We stock twelve beautiful styles of door. Each one available with any of our ten stylish glass options and thirteen attractive colour schemes. For more information on our composite doors, or any other products that Oakland Home Improvements supply and fit, view our informative brochures on our website.



Free Online Quote

Do you feel that our composite doors could be the best thing since sliced bread and want to see how little it could cost you? Here at Oakland Home Improvements, we’ve made it extremely easy to do just that!
We offer a free online quote service on our website. Simply click visit the quote section, fill in the short form and press go, it’s that simple. Or, if you’d rather a more personal experience, why not why not give one of our friendly professionals a call? 01277 365988.

Double Glazing Braintree

Would Your Braintree Property Benefit From Double Glazing?

Welcome to Oakland Home Improvements. Braintree’s local family ran double glazing company. We have over thirty years of experience in fitting the highest quality double glazing in Braintree and the surrounding areas. Throughout the years, the quality of our work has given us a respectable reputation as expert double glazing installers in, Essex. Why? Because Oakland Home Improvements fit double glazing to the very highest standard to both Residential and Commercial properties.


energy efficient double glazing
Unlike a lot of other double glazing engineers, Oakland offer a full service. When needed, we give expert advice and a technical survey before installation. In short, Oakland offer double glazing in uPVC, Aluminium and Timber Windows. We also fit our double glazing to made to measure, bespoke conservatories.
Questions are. What are the benefits of double glazing? Can double glazing save you money? How does Double Glazing work?

Double Glazing; Benefits and Cash

Let’s tackle the first two questions now, as one. One of the major benefits of investing in double glazing is the money you will save on your energy bills. According to an in depth case study carried out by Energy Saving Trust, every type of property benefits from Double Glazing.
For this article, let’s take A rated Energy Efficient Windows. Again, going by the data available on the Energy Saving Trust’s website. Data taken from properties where all windows have been upgraded to double glazing.

Detached Property: £120 – £160
Semi Detached: £85 – £110
Mid Terrace: £65 – £90
Bungalow: £55 – £75
Flat: £40 – £60

These savings are based on typical gas-heated homes, taken from Energy Saving Trust.org 

It goes without saying that all Windows, Double Glazing and single pane, will not retain 100% of their energy. However, these figures perfectly illustrate just how much money energy efficient double glazing can save you. As it stands, highest level of savings is £160, the price of your car insurance? And the lowest, £40, the price of a meal for two? But we can take this further, considering that we back the Eurocell ten year guarantee.

Now the picture starts to change. Highest level of savings is £1,600, the price of a very respectable all inclusive holiday. The lowest savings is still a massive £400, the cost of a brand new television.

double glazing energy efficient

Further Benefits Of Double Glazing

Double glazing decreases the size of your carbon footprint, something we should all be pushing to do. For example, our uPVC double glazing is 100% recyclable. So, in many, many years time when your uPVC double glazing is removed and replaced. You can rest assure that the materials used to create your uPVC window can and will be melted down and be used again.

Fed up with the loud noise of the outside world? Double glazing insulates your house acoustically. Minimising unwanted noise that pollutes your home, keeping the disrupting noises of car horns and general clatter outside. Oakland Home Improvements only install the highest quality Double Glazing.

Now the big one, how does Double Glazing work?

thermally efficient double glazing

How Does Double Glazing Work?

In essence, the technology behind double glazing is fairly simplistic. Essentially, the two panes of glass trap a wall of air between them. The gap is too narrow for the air to circulate, so instead it forms a thermal barrier. The thermal barrier stops cold air from entering your home. It also heavily reduces warm air from leaving your property, hence the term thermal barrier.

Online Quote For Double Glazing

Is 2016 the year that invest in energy efficient double glazing? Oakland Home Improvements offer a free and easy to use online quote engine. Discover, with ease, how little it would cost you to upgrade to energy efficient double glazing that saves you money.

Or, if you’d prefer, why not call us directly? Our in house team of friendly professionals are more than happy to discuss the benefits of double glazing with you and, if you’d like, give you a quote over the phone.